Where I am

carca(Carcassonne, France)

I took this picture last summer, when I had moved back to my parents after dropping out of college.

I think it’s a pretty good representation of how I felt for a few months. I was standing on a tower from a thousand years ago and looking at a a beautiful view, and I felt trapped.

This photo was a representation of how I felt I had failed at college and at living alone. It reminded me I had to move back to my parents with no idea what to do with my life and leave my friends and leave my city. Mostly it reminded me of what I wanted and thought I could never have.

I had a lot of thinking to do (and a lot of time and space to do it!) and I reached the conclusion that I would do a 8 months long professional training thingy in tourism and hospitality and then I would do the one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, I would travel.

And now here I am, just four weeks before I start my two months internship in Barcelona, with plans of moving to Lisbon in July and a week holiday in Madrid (almost) all planed out.

I can’t wait.


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